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ARI Recovery is backed by the understanding that addiction affects every person involved. Our comprehensive treatment team understands the complex nature of addiction and works to create a therapeutic environment for individuals and their families to heal from alcoholism, drug addiction, dual diagnosis, and trauma disorders.

Dual Diagnosis

A Dual Diagnosis disorder affects practically all aspects of an individual’s life, however it is treatable with behavioral, clinical, and pharmacological interventions and individuals can recover.

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Drug Addiction

The symptoms of drug addiction are far-reaching. To recover, individuals must understand their symptoms, underlying causes, and  develop new coping skills in times of stress.

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Alcoholism is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. Our alcohol treatment program in Huntington Beach helps individuals get back on the road to full health.

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Family Systems

Addiction doesn’t just affect the person using substances. To fully recover from addiction, the entire family must heal. We help the whole family system create sustainable changes in their lives.

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About Us

ARI Recovery

ARI Recovery is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program located in Huntington Beach. Founded on the cornerstone component of sound and ethical treatment, our small facility caters to those who need individualized attention and treatment to cater to complex dynamics and needs. We provide services to clients in a clinically sound and ethically grounded structured setting. We know the importance of addressing past trauma and family dynamics, while concurrently treating addiction, and strive for each individual to obtain long-term sobriety. We want to be the LAST recovery center you will need to attend.


Programs, Treatments and Therapies


Often the first step in the recovery process, detox helps rid the body of substances it’s been dependent on.

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Residential Treatment

Backed by evidence-based practices, our structured environment and round-the-clock care aims to help cultivate the skills needed to live productive lives of long-term recovery for patients and their families.

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Medication-Assisted Treatment

Used in conjunction with therapy and other clinical modalities, Medication-Assisted Treatment can help individuals find accountability and sustain sobriety.

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Holistic Addiction Treatment

From yoga to meditation, these modalities offer calming and balancing possibilities that can help as you go through the process of beating addiction.

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Trauma Treatment

Studies show that as many as 96% of those who seek treatment for substance abuse reported experiencing a major traumatic incident in their lifetime. We provide evidenced-based practices uniquely tailored to each individual to resolve traumatic experiences.

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You’re In Good Hands

Our multidisciplinary staff has years of experience in treating addiction, alcoholism, and mental health disorders. We know what it takes to help clients recover from addiction and create an individualized approach to help people find a path to healing and recovery. We use a variety of therapeutic modalities including CBT, DBT, EMDR Therapy, and more. Each staff member brings a specialized approach to how they treat each client.

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