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Our team of addiction professionals have been treating complex issues for years and know what it takes to recover from addiction. Using a variety of clinical modalities to help educate, inform, and bring about change, our multidisciplinary team helps individuals find healing and restore the functioning of family systems long-term.

Anet Khechoumian, MS, MBA, LMFT

Founder & Clinical Director

It is with the utmost pride and joy, to stand as the founder of Ari Recovery. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I have dedicated my career to treating those effected by substance abuse, and have the privilege to partake in the recovery of each individual. My passion has been coupled with the awareness of the need for quality care, that prompted the development of a clinically sound program. Our facility aims to model a structure of appropriate and ethical treatment for individuals and loved ones struggling with addiction. As a clinician, I take pride in providing the highest level of care, while delivering a platform for knowledge, health, and hope to grow and prosper. ARI Recovery strives to serve the families and loved ones struggling with addiction, who need the plan, the tools, and the support to end the cycle and restructure healthy connections.

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