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ARI Recovery offers the most comprehensive treatment approaches backed by evidenced-based therapies. Our multidisciplinary approach is combined with experiential therapies to create a program designed to help each client gain insight into their addiction, mental health disorders, and family dynamics to begin learning the tools needed to create sustainable change in their lives.


Often the first step on the path to recovery, our medically-assisted detox rids the body of substances that it was dependent on. Most often chemical issues need to be addressed before looking at behavioral.

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Residential Treatment

Our structured environment and round-the-clock care aims to help cultivate the skills needed to live productive lives of long-term recovery for patients and their families, gain new relationships, and focus on healing.

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Medication-Assisted Treatment

Used in conjunction with therapy and other clinical modalities, Medication-Assisted Treatment uses tools like Vivitrol and Naltrexone that can help individuals find accountability and sustain sobriety.

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Holistic Addiction Treatment

From yoga to meditation to massage therapy, these modalities offer calming and balancing possibilities that can help as you go through the process of beating addiction.

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Trauma Treatment

Studies show that as many as 96% of those who seek treatment for substance abuse reported experiencing a major traumatic incident in their lifetime. We provide evidenced-based practices uniquely tailored to each individual to resolve traumatic experiences.

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Reaching out for help is the most important step in recovery. Begin your new life today.

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