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What is Drug Addiction?

There are over 18.7 million Americans suffering from drug addiction and many of these individuals may feel like there is no way out. Drug addiction is a vicious cycle that often leaves people trapped for years as their mental and physical health decline. Furthermore, drug addiction also significantly impacts the relationships between the family members and other loved ones of the individual struggling with substance use disorder. Perhaps you or your loved one has attempted drug rehab before and had little or no success. Regardless of your situation, if you or your loved one is unable to break free from the cycle of drug addiction, our drug rehab center in Orange County is here to help.

Recovering from drug addiction is not easy, which is why drug rehab programs in Orange County take a holistic treatment approach in order to treat the individual as a whole: mind, body, and spirit. ARI Recovery’s Southern California drug rehab facility maintains a comprehensive approach to treating addiction, catering to the unique needs of each client. Our staff is composed of compassionate licensed therapists, medical doctors, and experienced addiction specialists to ensure that every client receives the care and support they need.

Symptoms of Drug Addiction

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of drug addiction is the first step towards a new life in recovery. No matter if you’re struggling with opiates, benzodiazepines, methamphetamine, prescription medication, marijuana, or something else, there are a number of common symptoms that include but are not limited to the following:

Obsessive thoughts, actions, and behavior

The individuals time now revolves around their drug use. Obligations including work, family, or school are sidelined.

Denial of addiction or hiding drug use

Although drug use may be out of control and experiencing physical, mental, spiritual, and financial consequences, the individual still finds ways to rationalize their use.

Loss of control

Even though the individual attempts to control drug use, they fail to do so.

Disregard of others

Even though their use is causing distress to others, they continue to use despite hurt feelings or resentment

How is Drug Addiction Treated?

ARI Recovery focuses on providing premier, evidence-based care to all of our clients. Our licensed and experienced medical professionals are passionate about what they do and truly want to help each and every client maintain continuous sobriety. Our substance abuse treatment options include evidence-based treatment, addiction therapy, and counseling catered to fit the unique needs of every individual tackling the underlying causes of addiction. Most importantly, our treatment plans are customized to fit the individual needs of each client as they journey down the road to recovery.

If you or a loved one is ready to seek drug rehab, our experienced team is here to help. Our facility is located in beautiful Orange County and offers a safe and structured environment for each client who walks through the doors at ARI Recovery. Our approach centers around helping individuals find solutions that cater to their unique needs, stay committed to their sobriety, and rebuild patterns of behavior surrounding family, life, and healthy coping mechanisms to ensure they can live happy, successful, sober lifestyles upon leaving drug rehab.

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